Get full details of the tracks of a playlist owned by a Spotify user.

get_playlist_tracks(playlist_id, fields = NULL, limit = 100,
  offset = 0, market = NULL,
  authorization = get_spotify_access_token(),
  include_meta_info = FALSE)



Required. The Spotify ID for the playlist.


Optional. Filters for the query: a comma-separated list of the fields to return. If omitted, all fields are returned. For example, to get just the playlist’s description and URI: fields = c("description", "uri"). A dot separator can be used to specify non-reoccurring fields, while parentheses can be used to specify reoccurring fields within objects. For example, to get just the added date and user ID of the adder:
fields = "tracks.items(added_at,". Use multiple parentheses to drill down into nested objects, for example:
fields = "tracks.items(track(name,href,album(name,href)))". Fields can be excluded by prefixing them with an exclamation mark, for example:
fields = "tracks.items(track(name,href,album(!name,href)))".


Maximum number of tracks to return.
Default: 100
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 100


The index of the first track to return.
Default: 0 (the first object).


An ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code or the string "from_token". Provide this parameter if you want to apply Track Relinking


Required. A valid access token from the Spotify Accounts service. See the for more details. Both Public and Private playlists belonging to any user are retrievable on provision of a valid access token. Defaults to spotifyr::get_spotify_access_token()


Optional. Boolean indicating whether to include full result, with meta information such as "total", and "limit". Defaults to FALSE.


Returns a data frame of results containing user profile information. See for more information.