Transfer playback to a new device and determine if it should start playing.

transfer_my_playback(device_ids, play = FALSE,
  authorization = get_spotify_authorization_code())



Required. A character vector containing the ID of the device this on which playback should be started/transferred. Note: only a single device_id is currently supported.


TRUE: Ensure playback happens on new device
FALSE (default): keep the current playback state
Note that a value of FALSE for the play parameter when also transferring to another device_id will not pause playback. To ensure that playback is paused on the new device you should send a pause command to the currently active device before transferring to the new device_id.


Required. A valid access token from the Spotify Accounts service. See the Web API authorization Guide for more details. Defaults to spotifyr::get_spotify_access_token(). The access token must have been issued on behalf of the current user.
The access token must have the user-modify-playback-state scope authorized in order to control playback.